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Skin Rejuvenation 


Lasers work by emitting wavelength of high energy light,  is the next generation of intense pulsed light.  It takes formerly unused short-wavelength light and converts it into part of the usable spectrum through a special filtering system.  It increases emission and penetration, for safer and more effective treatments.

Also delivers Equally Distributed Fluency, which means that every pulse has uniform energy density across the entire output face.  This fluency ensures repeatable results and remarkable safety.  Lasers yields a more efficient system for ideal clinical improvements, less discomfort and minimal skin damage.



Laser Treatment for scars tattoo & Pigmented Lesions



Nearly 100% of all people have one or more pigmented lesion.  Some are caused by sun exposure, others by aging.  Still others are congenital. Regardless of the cause, pigmented lesions are simply spots on the skin where there is a higher concentration of melanin.  Some lesions are flat; others are raised. In most cases, pigmented lesions are merely a cosmetic concern, but in some cases, they can be an early sign of skin cancer.


For most benign pigmented lesions that are of a cosmetic concern, there is a non-surgical option by exposing a pigmented lesion to short pulses of visible light, the temperature in the highly concentrated melanin can be raised sharply, enough to shatter the cells containing the melanin.  The body then replaces these cells with new cells generated by the surrounding untreated area.  The lasers offers unique wavelength and pulse width capabilities, allowing it to treat pigmented lesions on any skin type.


Skin Resurfacing



As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the popularity of aesthetic procedures that aim to turn back the clock continues to skyrocket.  Brown spots, broken capillaries and other fallout from photoaging are easy targets for laser systems to repair these defects.  Additionally, facial wrinkles can now be treated non-ablatively, contributing to a more youthful appearance. 


Using relatively low-energy, short-pulse broadband light, imperfections such as erythema of rosacea, superficial telangiectasia, dyschromia, age spots and other discolored signs of photoaging can be gently heated and eliminated, replaced by newer, younger looking skin. Patients prefer treatments with Lasers because each treatment is gentle with no downtime.  In fact, laser skin treatments for wrinkles and other signs of aging can be done during a lunch hour and no one will notice any sign of treatment, just a gradual improvement in the skin's appearance.


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